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What is Bitcoin Faucet?

A Bitcoin faucet is a rewarding system, that means people will earn free bitcoins (BTC) currency by doing simple tasks like solving CAPTCHAs, viewing ad content and playing games. The payout you get from each faucet is generally quite a small amount, but over time it will be greater through multiple tasks, and as the value of the BTC increases relative to other currencies (which it is expected to do), the earnings from Bitcoin faucets could be substantial. Bitcoin will grow stronger over time compared to other virtual currencies. In order to receive Bitcoin currency, either through direct purchase or from a faucet, you will must need to have a Bitcoin wallet.

Recent Payouts
Date Address Reward
23-11-17 22:00:48 GMT 1FxU2zEwqZY5MPXG5qjd7BKQHU796xuV1j 15 Satoshi
23-11-17 21:56:46 GMT 18jTJkAQivEkjUcM16dPDP6bDaEGVoPZ8s 15 Satoshi
23-11-17 21:54:40 GMT 1C44gwXzi1MRa5QoYHHNyU6uRxSxi4MXNH 15 Satoshi
23-11-17 21:51:19 GMT 1FxU2zEwqZY5MPXG5qjd7BKQHU796xuV1j 15 Satoshi
23-11-17 21:45:50 GMT 1CPk7Y3xgEzHT5yvS1NJAdaREbVLddNi8A 15 Satoshi